Every business needs a custom SEO service which is catering to strategies matching your business goals. SEO experts at Rockfish Search offer business need-based search engine optimization services.

Deliverable of Customized SEO from Rockfish Search(What you get)?


Increase your website traffic with higher Visibility.


Target potential customers.


Convert your visitors into paying customers.

Improves User Experience

Engage your audience with a better onsite experience.

Increased Brand Visibility

Create awareness of your brand.

Authority & Trust

Become the industry authority by being on top.

SEO Services

Onsite SEO

➤ Image Optimization
➤ Schema markup
➤ Robot.txt
➤ Sitemap>
➤ Internal linking

Local SEO

➤ Google My Business
➤ Citation setup & Optimization
➤ NAP creation
➤ Localized content creation

E-commerce SEO

➤ Website Architecture
➤ Brand Awareness
➤ Product Page Optimization

Links(Off-site SEO)

➤ Link Building
➤ Internal Linking

SEO Analytics

➤ Google Search Console
➤ Google Analytics
➤ User Behavior(Session recording & Heat-maps)
➤ Spying Tools


➤ Reporting

How SEO from Rockfish Search works (Our SEO Process)?

1. F2F Interview to understand Business goals

We give a business-first approach. To understand your business, we Interview the business person and set a business goal and expectations.

2. Creating a Customer Persona

We create a customer persona for targeted marketing.

3. Doing a Website Audit

We create an In-depth website analysis. That way, the business owner gets his current positioning, and we also get a starting point.

4. Competitor Analysis

We analyze 3-5 competitors to look at what is working for them and compare your business offerings to theirs to get a better picture.

5. Industry Analysis

We also report the Industry trends, popular keywords, and future projections of the Industry.

6. Keyword Research

Based on Products/Services, we create Keyword Groups and find related keywords for each group.

7. Technical Optimization

We optimize Website indexing, loading, and other onsite problems.

8. Content Optimization & Link Building

Re-writing of content or fresh content is done based on customer persona, customer need, and keywords. Link building from other websites as well as build authority of your website.

9. Tracking & Evolving

All the SEO activities are tracked and reported to the business owner. Every business has its challenges and solutions. We evolve your web presence based on what’s working for you.

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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results.[MOZ]

SEO is important as it gets search engines to index your site, show your content/services/products based on user search keyword and intent, SEO also improves user experience and builds Trust and Credibility.

SEO is essential for every website be it E-commerce or business website.

SEM(Search Engine Marketing) has 2 ways 1.SEO(Organic) 2.PPC(Paid).In short, SEO is part of SEM.

Depending on the competition in your industry it can take from 3-6 months.

Three months is the minimum SEO lock period, however, we recommend to go for a 6-month option.